“After years of suffering from PTSD and being under normal therapy treatment, for over 20 years I realised that this was not tackling the root cause of my problems. I decided to look for other therapies that could help me on this issue. I am very happy I discovered Kat and RTT. This was my first experience in hypnotherapy and I was a bit scared at first. At the end of the session and a few days later I felt an unknown confidence and peace that I have never experienced before. I started to feel optimistic about things that I could have never envisioned to have in my life and I also realised the potential we all have if we change our mindset and our approach to problems. Thanks to Kat and RTT I was able to see issues in my life that had been stored in my subconscious since my childhood; things that traditional therapy had never helped me. I really recommend to try it if you are looking for a deep transformation in your life.”

Lola, Edinburgh

“Working with Kat was one of the most life-changing experience of my adult life. I already had an idea about what I was aiming to achieve through the session but I could not have expected such an immediate result and insights to my psyche. I feel like everyone should go through RTT at some point should they wish to clear out any clouds in their minds or let go of past trauma.
I would recommend Kat without any doubt and surely will be coming back for more hypnosis sessions with her. Thank you so much for your kindness, understanding and motivation!”               

Sofia, Portugal

“I’ve been struggling with overeating –and in particular sugar- for all my life and I have made numerous efforts to stop it, with no results. Katarina took me back to the root of the problem in my childhood, an amazing experience even though painful; as it brought up memories that I did not even remember they had ever existed! And she guided me in solving my issue, once and for all, just in two sessions! Katarina has been very supportive, during the session and also after the session, checking on me very frequently, I have really appreciated this! Now, almost 4 months after the first session my weight keeps going down, at a low pace, but going down! I do not feel the need to eat any sugar when I feel sad or stressed! My eating habits have changed tremendously; eating much healthier and much less now!”

                                                                                                                       Iro, Greece

“Therapy with Katarina was a life changing experience, I’m serious, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this. It wasn’t just a therapy for my specific problems but it was also subtle change of perception of reality and I’m mostly thankful for that. This was my first time having hypnotherapy sessions and it was one of the best decisions ever. The best thing here is, that it is entirely up to you if you are willing to cure yourself or not. And I did, big time! Katarina is one big positive energy compass, and I couldn’t imagine a better guide through my subconsciousness.”

Blaž Dolenc, Slovenia

“This session with Katarina opened my eyes and blew my mind. She is very good at this she doesn’t know much about you but she jumps on a train with you and your emotions connects with them and is able to guide you in all the right directions. For me it felt like she was going through the same thing as I was she is that intuitive. My problem started resolving after only one session. I’ve always been looking into myself exploring my thoughts and emotions and reasons for them but this session took me far deeper than I have been able to before. I found a surprising amount of connections of thoughts, emotions and events that I’d never thought about. I discovered how to think in a different way about my problems and realised they are a lot less complicated than they seem. The best thing about the whole experience is that when you go deep into yourself like this and uncover parts of yourself and life around you you haven’t acknowledged before because they were hidden from your conscious mind everything starts resolving by itself. There is no hard mental work involved after this session you just start noticing things in you and consequently around you changing slowly. It is that simple. All you need to do is let Katarina do her thing. You need to be willing to do what she says and trust yourself and your brainstorm even if the whole process is new to you and feels a little bit strange. Hypnosis has a bit of an iffy reputation but really it is simply you working with yourself on a deeper level and it might be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself in your life.”

Mateja Zelic, UK

“Katarina did an amazing RTT session with me a few weeks ago. I was interested to find the cause of various medical issues that I have been dealing with for many years. Over the course of the session with Kat, we discovered really surprising causes from events during my childhood, that I had never really considered or connected to what was happening within me. It has had a profound impact on me on many levels. I love listening to the recording that Kat has made me, which is so soothing and enjoyable to listen to, and is already moving me away from these medical issues that have plagued me for so long. I would highly recommend Kat as a soothing, capable RTT therapist if you are looking for freedom from issues that have been holding you back in your life.”

Hilary Tempest, UK

“This was my first experience with hypnosis and I must admit the most exciting moment. It is amazing what we can achieve with our body and mind. After the completion of the session I felt like I am reborn. Unbelievable how the Katarina’s voice and messages have changed the preception of who I am and what I am capable of! With my positivity I am attracting beautiful things to my life. Thank you Katarina for changing my views on everything!!”

Diana Huremovic, Slovenia

“I have no reservations at all in recommending Katarina as a RTT therapist. Her professionalism and passion can not fail to impress and aid with whatever issue, small or large you may feel you have. The session with Katarina was a unique and wonderful experience and will live with me for a long time. she has made me a better person.”

Frazer Watson, UK

“I loved my session with Katarina. I saw her for comfort eating. She was so easy to talk to and very professional. I felt in very good and capable hands and what came out of the session has changed the way I look at what I eat, and why I am eating it. Thank you for your support Katarina I think you’re a very good therapist and know your stuff.”

Nassrine Adham, UK

“Kat is a very kind and warm person and I got hypnotherapy from her to boost my confidence. I can now more easily talk in front of many people and speak one on one to people that I don´t know. I am not as uncomfortable speaking to men. Kat has therefore helped me very much and I am very thankful to her 

Oddfreyja H Oddfreysdóttir, Iceland

Katarina has a really calming and warm presence. I felt fully understood and encouraged throughout our session and totally trusted the process. I am already feeling the benefits!

Celia Almeida, UK

Katarina is a very professional RTT therapist. I felt listened to and I found out how I really struggled to let go of my procrastination. It was eye-opening realising I was identifying with it a bit too much! I recommend Katarina, she is a caring and excellent therapist.

Janine Cera, UK

Katarina is a force of nature in a way, that she easily builds an absolute secure, safe and protected atmosphere guiding you through your mind to find and understand the true reasons for your issues. I can highly recommend Katarina as a therapist, she is amazing!
Thank you, Katarina, for all your help, support and guidance!

Verena Laber, Austria

Katarina is a fantastic RTT therapist. I’ve had tinnitus (ringing in my ears and head) from the age of 16, I’m now 38. It’s been at the level I’ve just about tolerated, but the high-pitch ringing is always there, demanding attention to itself. In the last two months the ringing has been louder.
I recently had a session with Katarina to address the tinnitus and to remove it. During the session I went back in time to recall scenes that link with me acquiring tinnitus in the first place. Katarina very skilfully guided me to talk to and talk as the tinnitus, finding out the reasons it is there and what it is trying to do for me. That was very powerful and touched on some deeply buried emotions that I carry. I’ve had conventional talking therapy for years and I never cry in my therapy sessions; but during the RTT session with Katarina, tears were running down my face. I know we were hitting emotional ‘nerves’. When Katarina was instructing the hair cells in my inner ears to lift up and repair themselves, I could feel my ears getting warm and ‘full’.
After the session I felt very calm. The tinnitus I’d had originally in both ears, had moved only to the right ear during the session. Some noise was still there, but I felt calm about it, as I knew we had talked to the tinnitus and that it had ‘listened’. Then, the next morning as I woke up and opened my eyes, I could hear silence. I could hear complete silence that I haven’t heard in 22 years! It was amazing. As I carried on with my day, I found myself ‘checking in’ where the tinnitus was and whether I could still hear it, and it was this process of checking that made me hear it again in the background. But it was actually a revelation: it meant that I could control the tinnitus and turn it down, as I had done in my sleep after the session. I felt happy and elated for the entire day, I was listening to my usual podcasts without hearing tinnitus in the background, because it had definitely gone quieter than it was before the RTT session. I could just focus on listening to the programme.
Tinnitus is a complex problem that often involves hair cell damage in the inner ear that leads neurons firing in high alert in the auditory cortex. Healing requires re-training of the brain to ignore the phantom sound generated, and it might take a session, two, or three to fully get there, but I know my ears and brain are in the process of repairing themselves.
I’m so grateful to Katarina for being so passionate about understanding my problem, giving it all in our session, and helping me to tune out tinnitus. I highly recommend Katarina for RTT.

Terhi K., UK