I have studied human behaviors and social patterns for over 10 years. It always bothered me that no matter how much knowledge I gained and how well I understood the subject there seemed to be no real solution for the human issues and struggles. The fact that our subconscious mind is driving our lives – 90% versus poor 10% of conscious mind – didn’t help, because at the same time the interpretation of this fact has always been: you can’t change that. So here it was: what’s in control of our lives is deep inside us but we don’t have the access to it and therefore there’s nothing we can do. So if we don’t have any control of what’s happening inside us, then we turn outwards and try to control what’s out there and start to believe that the exterior is the source of our current situation. Which not only is the furthest away from the truth but it also leads us away from the only real source of our situation – our own selves.

The control of the exterior is an illusion, the control of the self is the true power. But then again: how do we take back the control of the self? Here’s the good news: TRANSFORMATION IS AVAILABLE TO YOU!

When I discovered hypnosis the puzzle came together. Hypnosis is the key for opening the door to your subconscious mind. It’s about keeping you in the state of alpha brain waves where the critical factor of your conscious mind is switched off and where you have the access to everything that has ever happened to you and that is driving your behavior and your life. While in the state of hypnosis you’re able to find out WHY certain things are “happening to you”, why you are attracted to certain type of people and situations that seem to repeat itself over and over again regardless of where you try to escape to or to change the environment, it seems that certain situations always haunt you down. Why do you have certain health issues. Your subconscious mind has all the answers to your questions and it’s more than willing to give them to you. It wants to cooperate with you and never against you. In hypnosis without the critical factor in the way, you’re able to communicate with your subconsciousness directly.

The thing with your subconsciousness is that it takes everything literally, it doesn’t know humour or abstract thought, it cannot hold contrasting beliefs and it only responds to clear simple commands. Your subconscious mind is like a sponge, it absorbs everything without any processing, therefore being in the frequency of the alpha brain waves also makes you extremely suggestible and receptive, because again you’re accessing your subconscious mind directly. This gives you a unique opportunity to change whatever you want to change in its core! First you gain the understanding of WHY and then you’re able to change it according to your desires. The subconsciousness is extremely malleable, in fact that’s all it is, and now you have the power to manipulate it however you want it and create the person you want to become!